"The true honey bees (genus Apis) have arguably the most complex social behavior among the bees."

Members of Executive Council

Members of the Executive Council are elected every two years (half one year, the other half the next year) at the Annual General Meeting in June or July. The President and Vice President are selected by fellow Council members each year.

Australian Honey Bee Industry Council       http://www.honeybee.org.au/
We're on Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/South-Australian-Apiarist-Association-699013940234449/?fref=ts
Bee Aware       http://www.beeaware.org.au
Primary Industries & Regions SA (look under livestock)       http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation / Honeybee R&D Advisory Committee       http://www.rirdc.gov.au/research-programs/animal-industries/honeybee
Beekeepers Society of SA Inc       http://www.bees.org.au/
ERA Nurseries       www.leptospermum.com.au
Pollination R & D Project       http://flyingdocbees.wix.com/flyingdocbees#!beekeeper-video/fhpch
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